Weekly Tournaments at Starport

Weekly WPPRtunities!

In the gap between the end of league and the next season, we will be holding weekly tournaments for those that still have the itch to play in the off-season. Tournament formats will be different for each week. 

Tuesday April 25th - BDD's Birthday Bash - Flip Frenzy
Tuesday  May 2nd - Starport Weekly  - Fast Strikes
Tuesday May 9th - Starport Weekly  - Mini Golf
Tuesday May 23rd -Starport Weekly  - Fast/Fair Strikes (Dependent on how fast the Fast Strikes Tournament lasts)
Tuesday May 30th -Starport Weekly - Flip Frenzy

All events are only $1 to enter to cover IFPA fees.

Start time for all events is 6:30 PM.

For the flip frenzy events, a timer will be set for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Players will compete in head to head matches until the timer runs out. The winner of a match will receive 1 point. The loser will lose 1 point. At the end of the qualifying period, the top 4 players will advance to finals. Finals will be comprised of one match per round, with the high seed having choice of game or order. The winner is the last player remaining.

The fast strikes event will be a three-strike event. In an effort to speed up the tournament, the bottom three players (or two player in a three player group) will receive a strike. The winner is the last person remaining. Time permitting, the top 4 players remaining will compete in a 4-player final across three games, with high seed having choice of game or order. If the strikes portion of the event runs too late, there will not be a finals component.

Mini Golf will feature a Pingolf format using only 4 machines. Machines will be set to 3-ball. Each machine will have a target score that must be reached prior to the end of ball 3. If a player does not achieve the target score, they will be assessed penalty stroked based on their total score compared to how close/far they were from the target score. The winner will be the player with the fewest number of strokes. There will be no finals component to this event.