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The West Virginia Pinball League is a social pinball league that has been created to promote competitive pinball and the growing pinball community. Our leagues and events welcome new players and experienced players alike, and we strive to foster the most positive and fun environment possible.




WVPL Full Tilt Tuesdays To Resume 8/1/23!

Post on 7/17/2023 - BDD

Season 4 of the WVPL will be starting back up on August 1, 2023 at 7 PM located at LumberJaxe in Fairmont! (308  Merchant St. Fairmont, WV 26554)

Please note there is potential for rotation to a second location that’s to be determined, but currently still in discussions. 

Some changes for Season 4:

- Start time has changed from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM

- There are only 9 weeks this season; 8 regular season weeks and 1 week set aside for finals

- Guests are permitted to attend, but cannot participate unless league dues are paid.

A full list of changes has been updated on the WVPL Rules Sheet which will be pinned to the top of the WVPL Facebook Group Page. 

Hope to see you there!

WVPL Finals Update

Post on 3/23/23 - BDD

’ve been getting a handful of questions, so here’s some more information regarding Saturday:


Players will play in their designated divisions ONLY. Players may be bumped up into a higher division based on attendance, but cannot be moved into a lower division. The current first round groupings are as follows:

A Division ($209):

Group 1: (1) Pete H (4) Andy P (5) Mark C (8) Uriah S

Group 2: (2) Brian D (3) Mitch R (6) Mike D (7) Mark W

B Division ($179):

Group 1: (1) Kent A (4) Kody E (5) Emma B (8) Alan B

Group 2: (2) Brian P (3) Logan S (6) Isaac G (7) Beth H

(Sorry Emma and Alan)

C Division ($119):

Group 1: (1) Jaxon S (4) Virginia H (5) Michael D (8) Frankie C

Group 2: (2) Rick P (3) Jarret L (6) Jim B (7) Nathan H

D Division ($90):

Group 1: (1) Matthew M (4) Josiah A (5) Klint W

Group 2: (2) Dan S (3) Nick F (6) Briane D (7) Tony W

The total prize pool is $597. This number is slightly lower than a previous post because I am bad at excel. 100% of this prize pool is being paid out to the top four finishers in each division. Full disclosure: as the primary league official, any money I may win will be put back into the league for next seasons prize pool or to help with other costs.

Each group will play TRHEE games. The top seed will have CHOICE of game or order for the first game; machines will not be randomly selected for finals. The last place finisher in a game will have choice of game or order for the following game, with choices given in ascending order from last to first.

Scoring for finals will be 3/2/1/0. The top two players from each group will advance to the next round. Seeds are retained throughout finals.

Lastly, the drawing for the free game rental will occur at the END of finals after the trophies and money are given out. You must be present at the time of the drawing to win.

The following players are not eligible for submission with IFPA results as they participated in less than 50% of the season. Additionally, they will not be eligible for the free game rental:

Noah H

Ashley G

Morgan D

Josh W

Stephen W

Tara E

Tony W

Klint W

Michael D

See you all Saturday!

James Bond 007 Launch Party

Post by BDD

Starport Arcade and Pub in Morgantown, WV celebrated the newest release from Stern Pinball with a James Bond 007 Launch Party! The event featured a 3-strike tournament and saw 16 players in total.  Players were randomly assigned to groups of three or four players and competed on a randomly assigned game. The players with the bottom two scores in each group received a strike. After receiving three strikes, a player was eliminated. The last player standing was the winner, which was Chris Wamsley, coming all the way from Columbus, OH! 

During the launch party, we had the Dr. No (Pro) edition of the machine which was Insider Connected for the duration of the event.  More recently, Starport has received their copy of the premium version of the machine which is available for play now!

Thanks to everyone for coming out, especially our friends that made the trek from out of state to flip out with us!

WVPL to Return to Starport Arcade 1/3/23!

Post by BDD - 12/14/22

It's almost time to get back into the swing of things with league! As a reminder, league dues are $20 for the season. We've been generating some new interest, so I wanted to lay out how exactly our league nights and season work, with a TLDR.

During week 1, everyone will be assigned to a group of 4 players that will be assigned to 4 random machines. After each game, the winner gets 5 points, second place gets 3 points, third place gets 2 points, and last place gets 1 point; allowing for a maximum of 20 points and a minimum of 4 points per week. 

From week 2 onward, players will be pseudo-randomly assigned to groups based on what other players in league they have not competed with yet.  By the end of the season, you'll likely have played against everyone at least twice. There will be some variance based on attendance, but the bell curve will still look pretty at the end of the season. After a certain number of weeks, standings will reflect where players stand in different divisions, with 8 players making up a single division. 

For finals, you will only compete against other players within the division you finish in - so other players with similar skill levels. 

If you're brand new to league pinball, don't worry. Everyone is willing to help explain things as we go along; we've got a great group of people that make our league even greater.

Now's a good time to touch on the "Win a chance to have a pinball machine in your home" statement on the flyer as well. Each week that a player attends league will earn them a raffle ticket at the end of the season.  At the end of season party, we will draw a ticket, and whoever has the winning ticket will be provided with a free, 3-month, non-commerical lease on a pinball machine. The machine is going to be furnished by myself personally, and not Starport Arcade.  The game will be delivered, set-up, and maintained by me as well. 

I can't speak for everyone, but I am super excited to see everyone again on Tuesday nights. Feels like it's been forever. Hope to see you all this weekend at the Bond launch party and Last Chance tournaments.

WV Womens IFPA Representative and Upcoming Tournaments

Post by BDD - 10/13/2022

Congratulations to Sal Sulick, who will be serving as the IFPA Womens Representative for the state of West Virginia! Sal has been working hard to organize events at Starport. The following events have been scheduled and approved by the IFPA. See the events page for more information.

Girls night - Pinball for Puppies! (Women's Only Event) - 11/15/22 @ 6:00 PM at Starport Arcade and Pub
Flipsgiving (Open Tournament) - 11/20/22 @ 12 PM at Starport Arcade and Pub
Kitties and Pinball - (Women's Only Event) - 11/22/22 @ 6:30 PM at Starport Arcade and Pub

WVPL Final Standings

Post on 10/5/2022 - BDD

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for an amazing season! I can only speak for myself, but I truly enjoyed playing each week and getting to hang out with everyone. Personally, I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding on nights where things were particularly busy when it came to game malfunctions or keeping an eye on Nora. On that front, thanks to everyone that helped keep an eye on her and entertaining her as well! She loves you guys to death. 

Final standings and seeding for finals are now completed. There is 1 divisional tie breaker that will require a playoff game prior to the start of finals and 3 intra-divisional ties that needed to be broken, all by ONE single win! WVPL rules state that "If there is a tie in divisional standings based on total league points, the tie is first broken by highest number of first place finishes during the regular season."

The following seedings are the result of point totals and tiebreakers.

A Division

1.  Brian D
2.  Andy P
3. Pete H
4.  Ben L
5.  Michael D
6. Mike D
7. Morgan D
8. Dan S/Brian P (Tiebreaker Needed)

B Division
1. Dan S/Brian P (Tiebreaker Needed)
2. Logan S
3. Mitch R (11 Wins)
4. Sean C (10 Wins)
5. Mark C
6. Mark W
7. Kent A
8. Kody E

C Division

1.  Josh W
2. Issac G (7 Wins)
3. Sal S (6 Wins)
4.  Tony W
5. Tara E
6. Nathan H
7.  Erica S
8. Stephen W

Round one groups will be

D Division

1. Skylar O (5 Wins)
2. Scott (4 Wins)
3. Frankie C
4. Jaxon S
5. Travis R

Note that finals groups may change based on attendance at finals. You cannot move down a division, but may move up into a higher division if there are enough no-shows. 

See you guys at finals!


Elvira's House of Horrors "Launch Party" To Be Rescheduled

Post on 10/4/2022 - BDD

Due to poor planning and foresight on my part, the Elvira Launch Party will need to be rescheduled. I am going to check with Starport to see if November 12th or 13th is available. I apologize for the change. 

Stranger Things Launch Party Pre-Registration Link

Post on 9/29/2022 - BDD

The form will open tomorrow at 9 AM. Any submissions prior to 8:59:59 AM will be discarded. 

Machine Updates

Post on 9/25/2022 - BDD

Over the weekend, the following machines were updated to their most recent code revisions:

The following machines were repaired:

As always, please use the "Report Machine Issues" tab to let me know what's going on!